How to skip Setup Wizard on unlocked Android device

Every time we flash a new Android ROM, the Setup Wizard will show up on first boot. The Setup Wizard needs to connect to Google server, which is not available in China. This can cause the phone stuck on “Connecting” page, we can not use the phone then.

There are 2 methods on the Internet: The first one is to start clockwise click on the 4 corners of the screen from the upper left one, but this method is often used on Android 4.4 or older version, not working on new ROMs; The second one is to try to connect the phone to a network which have the access to Google, but this method is too complicated to operate.

After a few tries, I used this method to solve the problem:

  1. Reboot to a non-stock recovery, I’m using TWRP Recovery;

  2. Select Advanced;

  3. Select File Manager;

  4. Go to /system;

  5. If you can only see one folder: /system/bin, jump to step 10; otherwise continue on step 6;

  6. Go to /system/priv-app/SetupWizard;

  7. Press the button on the right bottom;

  8. Select Delete, then slide to confirm deletion;

  9. Reboot to system.

  10. Go back to TWRP Recovery first screen;

  11. Select Mount;

  12. Check “System“, then go back to step 2;

Once we delete the SetupWizard folder (which contains SetupWizard.apk), the Setup Wizard will not show up again after booting, and we can start to use the phone now.

Some of the manufactures in China are used to using thier own modified Setup Wizard instead of the original Google one. When we flash Gapps package directly after flashing these ROMs without rebooting to system, there may be two Setup Wizards in the ROM, but in this case the modified Setup Wizard won’t try to connect to Google server so we can start to use the phone without connection problem.


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