How to download a private Instagram video without any tools

Sometimes we come accross some funny videos on Instagram and want to save them to our phone. Normally we can use some apps or web tools to download them, but some posts are set as private by its uploader, which are out of these tools’ hands. In this case, we can download the private video following these steps:

  1. Copy the URL of the video post;

  2. Open the post in a PC browser (Some mobile browsers are also able to do this but PC browser is recommended);

  3. Right click on the page and select View page source;
    View page source

  4. In the view-source page, press Ctrl + F, search for video_url and find the location of the raw video link;

  5. Find the text which looks like this (Yours is definitely different from the text below but looks similar):


    Copy the https part (Also, yours is different):


    Find video link

  6. Paste the raw link to any text editor with Find and Replace function (E.g. Notepad, Microsoft Word, etc. I use Notepad++ as an example here).
    Press Ctrl + H to open Find and Replace. Do the following steps:

    1. Find \u0026 , replace as & . Then click Replace all;
    2. Find \ , replace as nothing, which means delete all \ . Then click Replace all;
      Convert video link
  7. Without all the \ , the final link is the actual video URL, and we can open the link in a browser to view and save the video directly.
    Open video link


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